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Your committed partner in innovative traffic enforcement

As true innovators and trusted experts in traffic enforcement we are on a mission to save lives by changing the driving behavior of motorists. We provide you with reliable hardware, innovative software and excellent service. Always finding the best possible way to change traffic behavior in your country, state or city. From turn-key enforcement service programs for safer roads to solutions for a more sustainable urban environment and from optimized traffic flows to unique customized enforcement solutions. Let’s make your traffic safer.

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Why we do, what we do

Each day, over 3500 people die, not from sickness or old age, but from traffic crashes. We cannot accept this. That is why we embrace Vision Zero. A road safety vision that is about eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while facilitating safe and sustainable mobility for all. First implemented in our home country Sweden in the 1990s, it is now a proven success and spreading rapidly around the globe. It’s our calling to come up with enforcement and mobility solutions to improve road safety, traffic behavior and traffic flow, so that road travel becomes safer and more sustainable. All around the world.

We are firmly committed to improving traffic behaviour in close cooperation with our clients. Our mission is to enhance road safety and save lives by changing the driving behavior of motorists.

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